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npower energy bill

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Npower – one of the so-called Big Six suppliers – announced last year that it would be offering £70m-worth of refunds to customers. Almost 1.2 million customers have since been paid a total of more than £50m, and watchdog Consumer Focus is urging a further 700,000 people who have yet to claim their refunds to make sure they get their cash.

The repayments average £35 plus VAT and interest, and some repayments are worth up to £100. They relate to overpayments made in 2007.

“It is great news that more than £50m has now been put back into the pockets of more than a million people by Npower,” said Consumer Focus chairman Christine Farnish.

“We want to encourage all those consumers still entitled to refunds to get the cash that’s rightfully theirs.”

Volker Beckers, chief executive of Npower, said: “We are working closely with Consumer Focus to maximise the number of eligible customers and former customers who claim their payments.

“We are still seeing redemptions running at more than £1m a week and we hope that those who have unredeemed letters will redeem them soon.”

Nearly 1.9 million households have been offered repayments after it emerged that customers were likely to have paid for more higher-priced gas units than they expected to. The company changed how it charged for these units but did not communicate the changes effectively,

Npower has written to all existing customers and to the last known addresses of its former customers. The company has offered payment via bar-coded letters that can be cashed at post offices.

Consumer Focus said people who were Npower customers in 2007 but had since switched supplier or moved house should call the helpline on 0800 975 7938 or visit https://customerservices.npower.com to find out if they are entitled to refunds.


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