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The cost of drink-driving

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Car insurance premiums can jump massively after conviction - drink-drivers wanting to get back on the road after their ban may be looking at an increase on their premium of between 40pc and 75pc.

And some insurance companies may even refuse to insure anyone who has a DR10 - the technical charge for driving under the influence of alcohol - against their name.

According to Confused.com, there is a typical rise of 40pc on premiums, which over five years could cost an extra £2,400.

Will Thomas, head of motor at Confused, said: “Without taking into account the devastating toll paid in terms of injury, death, a driving ban or prison time, a drink-driving offence can more than double a driver’s premium or prevent them from being able to obtain insurance at all.

“If the worst has already happened, and a person finds themselves with a conviction, then it’s important they shop around to make sure they’re getting the best deal on their car insurance.

“The hike will vary from insurer to insurer and they may find they’re able to save money by comparing all the options available to them.”

Moneysupermarket.com has a higher estimate for the premium increase, citing rises of “as much as 75pc on average”.

Steve Sweeney, head of motor insurance at Moneysupermarket, said: “Any convicted motorist will see their insurance premiums rocket, and in addition, they are also likely to find themselves with the difficult task of trying to find a provider who is prepared to insure them with a drink-driving conviction.

“A conviction could also lead to a £1,000 fine, a 12-month driving ban, and even a possible prison sentence.

“It is simply not worth taking the risk - the results of doing so can be costly and very damaging.”


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