July 25 2017 Latest news:

Tens of thousands of festival-goers left their tents unattended while they watched Aerosmith headline last summer’s Download festival.

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Common sense suggests that festival-goers should not take expensive items with them in the first place but, if your tent is targeted, it will be of some comfort to know that you have adequate cover in place to make good any losses.

There is a good chance your home insurance policy will either already cover you or can be amended for little extra cost to provide protection on a festival site.

Julie Owens, head of home insurance at Moneysupermarket, said: “If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of theft, many home contents policies will cover you for items such as iPods and iPhones.

“Spending the extra cash to ensure you are protected is a small price to pay to enjoy festival fun with peace of mind.”

Aviva, the insurer, said official crime statistics showed there were 945 reported thefts at the top seven UK festivals last year, with the combined value of the thefts some £190,000.

The company added that the typical festival-goer took possessions worth an average of more than £900 with them. Jonathan Cracknell, a household underwriter at Aviva, said: “Tents appear to be the main target for thieves, so don’t leave them crammed full of all your favourite electronic gadgets when you pop out for breakfast and perhaps think about carrying less expensive accessories with you when you are out and about.”

Even if you do take the bare minimum with you in terms of possessions, the value of your camping equipment can soon add up, so it’s well worth checking the small-print of your home insurance policy before setting off and, if need be, calling your insurer to upgrade it accordingly.


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